Contribution Guide

To submit data

This is the main repository, all the data import is accomplished automatically by scripts. So please don’t submit data to this repository directly. To submit data , please check README

This platform uses Shimo (a cloud-based productivity suite) to collect data. The data will be automatically submitted to the repository in the form of Rps by scripts.

Since there are lots of contributors, we won’t give everyone the authority to edit, please fill in a form of application here. We will invite you to input information to certain sheets or forms.

To submit a new issue or initialize a pull request

In this guide we will try describing how to submit a new issue or initialize a pull request as detailed as we can. Welcome to contribute to wuhan2020 !

0、To submit a new issue

If you have any good ideas, click here to submit a new issue,our volunteers will discuss it with you in time.

When submitting a new issue, please pay attention to the type of the issue and explain it in the headline. The issue will be tagged automatically:

  • hospital: information relating to hospitals
  • factory: information relating to manufacturing and production
  • logistical: logistical information
  • hotel: information relating to hotels
  • donation:information relating to donation
  • clinic:information relating to voluntary clinic
  • news:news update on this COVID-19 epidemic prevention
  • doc: about documentation
  • bug: bug report
  • feature: new features

1、To claim task

Let’s work together through this tough period to fight against the coronavirus !!

Select a task from the Issue List. and then claim it by using /self-assign. The robot of the project will set Assignees of the issue to yourself automatically.


Shown as the following:

self-assign 示意图

2、To fork this repository

Visit wuhan2020. And then fort it to your own account.

Fork 仓库

Nota Bene : the following commands are supposed to be done in console, Git is needed.

3、Clone the repository

Back to your won GitHub page,find the wuhan2020 that you just forked,enter it, clone it to local, like :

# replace the XXX with your own user name
git clone
cd wuhan2020

4、To create a branch

It’s not recommended to develop in the master branch unless the urgent recovery.

According to the purpose, create a new branch and appropriately name it, run like this :

git checkout -b my-fix-branch master

5、To modify content and submit

Modify the corresponding file and submit :

git add .
git commit -m "hotel: update HOTEL.csv, fix #1"

Pay attention to :

(1) clarify in one sentence for what have been done

(2) relate the issue,for example fix #1close #2#3

If there is modification after commit , use the parameter --amend

git add .
git commit --amend -sm "hotel: update HOTEL.csv, fix #1"

6、Upstream repository change synchronization

To avoid upstream repository change synchronization (wuhan2020/wuhan2020 ),it’s necessary to sync your local repository with the upstream:

$ git remote add upstream
$ git fetch upstream

If there have been changes to the upstream repo already, please run rebase at first :

$ git rebase upstream/master

7、To push new branch to remote repository

$ git push -f origin my-fix-branch:my-fix-branch

8、To create a Pull Request

Create a pull request to the upstream repository. As shown:


open-pr If someone needs to make changes after the reviews validation, modify the relevant content, and then run the following commandes, the Pull Request will automatically synchronize with this commit.

git add .
git commit --amend
git push -f origin my-fix-branch

9、To resolve a merge conflict

Nota bene : if no conflict occurs, no need to do these

  • Sync with upstream repo
git fetch upstream
  • Run rebase:
git rebase upstream/master
  • Manually resolve the conflict, then submit
git add my-fix-file
git rebase --continue
git push -f origin my-fix-branch

10、After the merge, you can:

  • Switch back to master
git checkout master -f
  • Keep the master in sync with the upstream branch:
git pull --ff upstream master
  • Delete local branch (optional):
git branch -D my-fix-branch
  • Delete remote branch (optional):
git push origin --delete my-fix-branch

Robot specification

This project has been granted access to GitHub robot :Menbotics,it can:

  • Tag Issue automatically:Please check [0、To submit a new issue](#0To submit a new issue) for more details
  • To claim task:Please check [1、To claim task](#1To claim task)
  • Merge automatically:When a PR(Pull Request) is submitted,the ones who have the authority will use /approve to merge automatically.

To know details of robot configuration, please check hypertrons.json,for example, to see who have the merging authority.

Meet us on Slack

Furthermore , we have our Slack group,where those channels for frontend backend and data sync are already prepared , meet us on Slack for a better communication both on technical and non-technical themes. Let's work together through this tough period to fight against the coronavirus!