Github Repo processing

Git Repository Download Addresses

Developer/QA git clone process:

  • git clone ***

copy various repos to local,create branches according issues with your own name and project name, start with fixed prefix,for an example:

  • 用Python爬取最新疫情数据, allocated to centurion-crawler with utilizing wuhan-pythonspider-centurion

  • 对于页面展示的建议, allocated to zhuangbiaowei with utilizing web-pagepresentation-zhuangbiaowei

after to modification on local branch,push your change to remote branch to master or upstream. The authorize has right to decide use it or modify or merge

  • git branch {branch-name}
  • git branch -a
  • git checkout {branch-name}
  • git push --set-upstream origin {branch-name}
  • git commit -m "message"
  • git push

Make sure your pull request has right or authorization to be merged to master, if it cannot be, please contact author of project, make sure it is not blocked