Information Collection Platform for Wuhan COVID-19 Epidemic Prevention

This translation updates to 18:30(CST), 1/30/2020.

This project aims at collecting and gathering information of hospitals, hotels, factories, logistics, donations, contributions, prevention, treatment and any live information regarding national epidemic prevention from reliable sources to help all affected people, organizations better communicate and coordinate with each other to efficiently and effectively fight against the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak that started in Wuhan, Hubei, China. All of the code will be open-source and the data collected will be carefully reviewed/validated and available to the public.

This repo works as the main data warehouse. All data you see here is imported automatically by scripts. _ Please do NOT submit data directly to this repo_. Please refer to other sections of this document for questions about data submission.

Collaboration process

This platform has the following collaboration process:


All of the parts are processed automatically and won't require manual work except for the manual reviews and validations on the data/information.

Major Open Source Sub-Projects

Data Synchronization

Web Front-end Development

API Service

Map Visualization Components

Online Form Editing Service(ShiMo) Synchronization Component

Data Submission

The information collected by the platform includes the following types of data, please categorize and submit separately.

This platform uses the online document service Shimo (which is very similar to Google Docs) to collect and host data, and there is a cron script synchronizes the data to the data repo/warehouse. Please do NOT modify the data files directly in the repo/warehouse.

Due to the large number of participants, the editing permission of all personnel are not granted by default,please click hereto submit your application,we will send you an email for entry ASAP.

Online Document Service Shimo Edit Link:

Contribution Guide

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Data and Information Collection Guide

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Slack Communication Group

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Slack Channel Navigation

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Channel Name Pointer
Default Channel Github
General Info Github
Team of Designers Github
Team of Product Requirements/Management Github
Team of Frondend Folks Github
Team of Backend Folks Github
Sub Project: Data Sync Github
Sub Project: Web Front pages Github
Sub Project: Map Visualizations Github
Sub Project: API Server Github
Collect Advise to the Officials Github
Team of Oversea Folks Github
Team of Slack Channel Operations Github

E-mail List

wuhan2020 e-mail list: (subscribe, unsubscribe, archive)

Welcome to join together to explore all kinds of technical and non-technical issues, let's all work together and united to overcome the difficulties and fight against the virus!


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