Wuhan2020 Contributors

This page shows Seats developers and continues to expand. The list is not prioritized.

Wuhan2020 Main Team List

Name Group name Group
1Namaste96 Product Design 李俊峰 Navigation
Zeqiu Wu 陈瑜Atena Globalization
Caagei Product Design Jeremy Bao Manager
David Z. Technical Director chenrui Community
CNYoki Globalization fanqq-dev Manager
Frank Zhao Technical Director Fei Liu react-native
Ginda Chen Globalization Alan Luo Community
Jerry katejia110 Product Design
LiuChangFreeman Xin Wang Community
Rex Wang api-server 南漂一卒 webApp
thinkinnight data-sync wertycn Navigation
Will Wang XIAMAI2020 Coordination
sunshinemingo Information &Propaganda