Project operation-related questions

Q: What is the vision of the Wuhan2020 open source project?

A: We do not create or invent information, we are simply the porter of information.

Q:What is the current status of Wuhan2020?

A:The main content of this project is data entry (information collection), and the main purpose of this project is for public research. Parts of this project also include technical development. As of now, the frontend projects are progressing smoothly, data synchronization projects are under development. We are in need for data entry volunteers, so prospective volunteers who would like to contribute in data entry should join the respective Slack channels.

Q: What is the main communication method?

A:We have a communication group on Slack (URL: We welcome anyone who is willing to contribute and discuss about technical and non-technical problems.

Invitation link to Slack:

Information about each channel is provided here.

If you think the link has expired, please raise an issue so we can reflect the changes.

Q:What are the current available channels on Slack?

A:Except for the default channels on Slack, we have:

  • #anti-2019-ncov
  • #front-pages
  • #map-visualization
  • #api-server (Python)
  • #data-sync

Data entry-related channels are as follows:

  • #data-hospital
  • #data-hotel
  • #data-logistical
  • #data-factory
  • #data-donation
  • #data-clinic

Q:If I lack in technical skill, how can I contribute to Wuhan2020?

A:We are currently looking for UI exchange design personnel, file management and maintenance personnel, project management personnel. Furthermore, we are also in need of data entry personnel, which requires minimal computer skills.

Q:What can we do to start working in data entry for Whan2020?

A:Since we have a great number of volunteers who expressed interest in this project, we are not giving open access of documents to everyone. Please click here: to submit an application. We will send out invitations for you to participate in data entry. We do not require any specific technical skills for data entry, and all volunteers are welcomed.

Q:What kind of data are we working with?

A:We work with organizing and compiling certified information from official websites. Sources of information include but are not limited to: official government statements, official media statements, hospital data, and industrial data. We are not considering non-certified information from any sources.

Functional suggestions:

Other questions:

Q:How can I suggest for improvements?

A:When suggesting possible improvements, please try your best to include any possible solutions or tackle plan.

Q:Why was my issue closed?

A:Issues will be closed after they have been solved. Repetitive issues or unprofessional issues will also be closed.

Translator: @Lili , Proofreader: @JoeZijunZhou