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Hack for Wuhan

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The unexpected outbreak of COVID-19 has such massive influence that it has developed into a public health emergency of international concern (PHEIC). Despite the difficulties, warm-hearted helps are witnessed during this winter: the ongoing and continued dedication of numerous volunteers, the donation of urgent and necessary materials and supplies nationwide and worldwide, the highly-effective medical infrastructure construction of Huoshenshan Hospital and Leishenshan Hospital, and the support of medical teams from the other provinces of China.

Developing applications for public welfare
is more helpful than just donating one billion Yuan

In this fight against the epidemic, technical support plays an essential role. Chen Yueliang, an official with the Ministry of Civil Affairs, once urged tech companies to develop applications for public welfare, which, to his opinion, is “more helpful than just donating one billion yuan."

Hack for Wuhan

Hack for Wuhan

As volunteers and developers of Wuhan2020 community, we would like to invite you to our Hackathon: Hack for Wuhan, on 27th and 28th February, 2020. Let us hack together against the global crisis.

We believe hackathon can not only inspire the next billion dollar unicorns, but also help unite mission-driven developers and innovators to combat an international outbreak crisis.

We are looking forward to the novel designs, prototypes, business or social impact models. We believe that all efforts will make a profound impact.

We will provide professional technical supports to accompany your inspiration, and you will have the opportunity to work with mentors from Stanford, MIT, Harvard, Andreessen Horowitz, GSR Venture, Google, Facebook, ByteDance and startups in Silicon Valley, China, and India.

Your every single effort for this fight against COVID-19 wherein all of us could keep the humanitarian spirits and open source values, can compose stories worth telling and precious memories to remember.

Activity details


March 6 to March 8, 2020


A completely online approach that encourages distributed collaboration


Design and development competition according to the data provided by "wuhan 2020", complete work submission and introduction video (creativity, work introduction and significance).


Judges and the community rank participants and projects and award winners.

The scope and form of the questions

Optional topics including

  • Annotated data for outbreaks
  • Innovative application of relevant technologies
  • Solutions to various social challenges arising from reaction to this public crisis

Form of expression (not limited to)

  • Video, animation and other art design works
  • Dynamic web pages
  • Open source data
  • Analysis and prediction model of data
  • Visualization platform
  • Website
  • Product applications for outbreaks
  • Analytical investigation report and plan



  • Developers from open source communities, such as Wuhan2020 and other communities on GitHub, have great ideas and prototypes that can solve current challenges and create shared value;
  • Volunteers who want to improve their social impact through open source;
  • Entrepreneurs who actively respond to the covid-19 challenge and other social emergency crisis.


  • Individuals and teams who participate in Hackathon
  • Invitees - judges, mentors, professionals (entrepreneurs, social innovators, venture capitalists, etc.)
  • Anyone who is interested in this activity and would like to watch and learn.

Speaker and Judge

Huimin Lu

Microsoft Cloud and AI Strategy Sr Manager

I worked closely with the product to figure out product roadmap and go to market strategy.

Chun Jiang

Product Design @ Scale AI

Driven to create unique products that foster connection and innovation, Chun has had experience with consumer-facing product design, machine learning, data design, IoT, design system, and autonomous driving. Chun is now leading 3D annotation & data product design at Scale AI. Previously worked at Uber. Undergraduate & Graduate degrees at Cornell.

Jason Gui

Vue Glasses CTO

As founder of Vigo and Vue, Jason has created innovative hardware products and raised over $2 million USD through Kickstarter. Jason brings a background of mechanical and electrical engineering, marketing, production, and business expertise.

Zhiyang Wang

Facebook Software Engineer

Let's see how we can help Wuhan by HACKING! Have been hacking in Facebook for 6 years across multiple products on mobile, on web, for users, for advertisers, for creators, from US, from LATAM and also from China! Let's unite everyone everywhere!

Claire Li

Pinterest, Sr.Software Engineer

Claire is a product builder, open source contributor, and Sr. engineer at Pinterest. She has built a open source project with 500+ stars on GitHub and holds two patents. She has shipped products to millions of users in eCommerce, payment and social media space. Claire also runs a community of aspiring entrepreneurs. She received her bachelor in CS from UC-Berkeley.

Matth Zhao

Google/Software Engineer

Matt is currently an enginner at Google and previously worked at Snapchat(2015-2019). Matt got his master and bachelor's degrees in CS from Rice University. He attended various hackathons while in school and is excited to offer technical support for 'Hack for Wuhan'.

Haimo Liu

Alibaba Cloud, Staff Product Manager

'We can't help everyone, but everyone can help someone.' Wuhan might not be your home town or home country, but we are all part of this global community. Helping others in this community not only makes this community better, but also makes you feel great in the process.

Tianyu Bao

Product Manager at Uber

I'm a product manager at Uber Eats, dedicated to offering a seamless food delivery experience to our users. As a PM, I hope to contribute my efforts to Wuhan by supporting hackers to build better product solutions.

Xander Wu

Founder of Hack for Wuhan@wuhan2020

As the founder of Hack for Wuhan @wuhan2020, Xander is passionate about working with you to align social and commercial value, tailor product-market fit, and seek go-to-market fit.He has achieved many #1 in global 4G and 5G market and advised a number of startups in B2B business growth.

Borui Wang

Polarr, Founder and CEO

Borui started Polarr in 2015 after he graduated from Stanford studying Computer Science. Today Polarr powers millions of creators to craft their own creative styles. The company's apps have won Apple Best of App Store three times over the last four years; its computational photography engine also powers key systems in flagship consumer devices made by Samsung, OPPO, etc.

Han Chen

Software Engineer/ Blogger

Han is a Software Tech Lead engineer in one of the Silicon Valley internet company. He had the experience on Monetization solution, ads, SMB business, social media and mobile infra. He is also a Best Seller book writer. His new book The Thinking of Silicon Valley (????) achieved Top 2 New Tech book award, the Korean and English version will be published soon as well.

Gordon Cheng

Wilson Sonsini, Attorney

Gordon practices corporate and securities law in the Silicon Valley. He primarily works with tech companies and startups, but has done quite some pro bono legal work as well. He looks forward to providing legal support for the participants.

Jaggie Zhu

Ex-Director, AI Product Development, Byte Dance

Jaggie most recently led investment and the development of AI innovations at Bytedance. Before that, she and three Stanford GSB alumni co-founded a Beijing e-commerce startup dealing with secondhand cars. Chen started her career at P&G as a PM. Her investments range from leading self-driving AI to Craigslist.

Tianyu Wu

Ex-Director, AI Product Development, Byte Dance

Tianyu believes in the intersection between data and design. Currently working as a Sr Product designer at FB, previously in Spotify and unicorn startups. She has been teaching UX for years and has a mixed background in product and design. She strives to create simple and delightful products to help people solve problems.

Jack Duan

Gliding Eagle Inc., Founder and CEO

Former Sr Technologist (Sun Microsystems) and Big Data Product Manager (Marketing Strategy, Safeway). Dual-cultural in the US and China. BS in CS, Indiana U.; MBA, Berkeley-Haas.

Xiaoyin Qu

CEO, Run The World

Xiaoyin is CEO of Run The World, a platform that enables live online events. Previously she was a senior Product Manager at Facebook and Instagram, and a bestselling author for Silicon Valley Products, a product management book published in China.

Klaus Wang

Sequoia Capital, VP

Am working with Sequoia Capital Singapore office covering SEA and Indian market.

Peter Qian

covariant.ai, Head of Engineering

Thomas Reese

Run The World

Thomas led engineering products in Video for Facebook and co-founded FlipWord. He attained a CS Masters from the University of Illinois. He is currently the tech lead of Run the World.

Anna Fang

Founding Partner & CEO at ZhenFund

Anna Fang is CEO and Partner of ZhenFund, an early stage venture capital firm in China focused on consumer Internet and technologies enabled compaines. In her role as CEO, Anna leads Zhenfund's investments, portfolio management, and operations. Anna led ZhenFund's investments in unicorns such as RED (XiaoHongShu), Perfect Diary, Mia, Club Factory, Yitu, Mobvoi, Horizon Robotics, and VIPKID.

Eva Woo

China Program Manager

Eva is the China Program Manager at Stanford PACS. Prior to joining PACS, Eva spent 15 years as a journalist and entrepreneur focused on U.S.-China innovation and impact. A financial journalist by training, she worked as a business and economics reporter at Bloomberg, Caixin, South China Morning Post, and the Washington Post.

Big Joe

Product Manager?Google

Joe is an experienced product manager at Google on ads, enterprise software, and video streaming products. He was innovative in measuring ads effectiveness for SMB advertisers and filed a patent in that field. Meanwhile, Joe is a frequent speaker and trainer at top MBA programs such as Wharton at UPenn and mentors many Chinese MBA students. Joe has double bachelor's degrees in CS and English from Huazhong University of Science and Technology, a Master?s degree in CS from Peking University and an MBA from Emory University.

Kate Jia

Sr Product Designer @devicebook Product Lead of Wuhan 2020

Leading the design for most pioneer IoT products for more than 5 years. Since Jan 2020, Kate has been leading the volunteers in Wuhan2020 product team to craft the most meaningful product for this global public health situations. Graduate from Tsinghua University.

Xuan Jiang

Co-founder & CTO at Run The World

Weili Dong

CEO, President

Cindy Cao

Didi Senior Software Engineer

Wen Han

GSR Ventures, Investor

GSR Ventures was the first and biggest investor in Didi ($56bn), Eleme ($9bn), Qunar ($11bn), Xiaohongshu ($3bn), amongst other transformative companies.

Xi Fang

Founding Partner of Button

Dr Xi Fang is Founding Partner of Button

Rick Zhuang

Huan Xu

Serial Entrepreneur




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