What is the community of wuhan2020 ?

What we are doing now is: to establish a real-time and synchronous data service for hospitals, factories, procurement and other information, and to convene all those who want to contribute to the anti-virus campaign, so that everyone with relevant skills can participate in the development of related topics, and complete it in a self-organized and collaborative way with open source community culture.

Community Introduction

  • COVID-19 Information Platform

    An information system developed by the community. Facilitate the information exchange between resource providers (medical resource donors, logistics companies, hotels, free clinic resources) and those who need help (hospitals, people in the disaster area), so as to facilitate and quickly help the people in the disaster area.

  • Wuhan2020 Community

    At present, there are more than 3000 volunteers from different countries in Wuhan 2020 community. There are programmers, product managers, designers, project managers, data analysts, information collectors, translators, media workers, students, etc. Through the establishment of information system, data analysis and prediction, it makes contribution to the resistance of new coronavirus.

Events & News