The community has released the following open-sourced projects

Wuhan Novel Coronavirus Outbreak Prevention Information Collection Platform


Wuhan2020 information service website is a comprehensive information service platform for connecting resources related to the epidemic created by programmers and developers. With the focus on the data platform as the core, it can solve the problems such as the shortage of supplies, the confusion of medical information and the inability of people in different places to solve the problems caused by uneven information and opaque information under extreme emergency conditions. Mainly for the government, public welfare organizations, enterprises and institutions, medical institutions, patients, donors and other relevant institutions and groups. With the help of technical tools and digital platforms, developers can make use of the advantages of digital platforms to realize the digitalization of supply and demand, improve information transparency, and enable the supply and demand parties to conduct distributed self-service docking to improve efficiency. Many developers involved in wuhan2020 are doing what they can with their own technologies to cope with this war.

2020 Wuhan Rescue


Our goal is to establish a real-time data service platform with information on hospitals, factories and procurement, allowing anyone with relevant skills to participate in the initiative. We would like to call for anyone who wishes to contribute to the fight against the COVID-19.

Wuhan2020 Open Source Community Official Website


Wuhan2020 open source community is a community independently built by developers during the outbreak of COVID-19. The community provides a platform for technical exchange and practice for developers. The community culture of open source is completed in a way of self-organization and collaboration, helping wuhan to carry out self-organization rescue work more effectively and accurately. Since its launch, the community has attracted more than 3,000 volunteers from different countries and made contributions to the resistance against the new coronavirus through the establishment of information system, data analysis and prediction. So far, several projects have been successfully incubated, including "new coronavirus epidemic prevention information collection platform", "2020 assistance to wuhan", "Wuhan2020 open source community website", and "covid-19-nav epidemic information navigation".

COVID-19 Outbreak Navigation Site


COVID-19 navigation site provides the public with a convenient and comprehensive information portal with online resources and archival information related to COVID-19.